Preschool Ministries

Mt. Harmony Weekday Preschool

Mt. Harmony Baptist Weekday Preschool is provided for children of the church and community in the belief that guiding the behavior and development of preschool children is an exciting and challenging responsibility. Very young children require a stimulation, yet developmentally appropriate environment. The program’s major goal is to create a warm, loving, Christian atmosphere in a child-sized, child-centered, environment based on the development needs of three, four, and five year olds. We know children learn best by doing. The classrooms are arranged so that children move about freely, exploring and participating in a wide variety of activities. Basic routines such as organized free play, clean up, bathroom time, lunch, outside time, and group times are carried out each day to help children develop a sense of regularity and security.

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3 Year Preschool Classes:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4 Year Preschool Classes:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Transitional Kindergarten:
Monday through Friday
(Must turn 3, 4, or 5 before September 1st for their respective classes)

Mt. Harmony Weekday Preschool
2817 Mt. Harmony Church Rd
Matthews, NC 28105

Preschool Director: Sharon Russell

Weekday Preschool Summer Camp
Come enjoy the Summer fun with special days like, Bike Day, Water Day, Pajama Day, Music Day, Soccer Day, and much more!
Summer Camp Ages 3 to 2nd Grade and must be potty trained.


Objective: Our desire is to grow well-rounded preschoolers that leave our program with a good self-image, happy, confident and eager to learn. Therefore, they will have a great foundation to build upon.

Our program is designed to meet the needs of the total child. We will include activities that help the children grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

  • Emotionally the children will learn to adjust to a time away from Mom & Dad and develop a love and trust for their teachers.
  • As the children play and interact with each other on a regular basis, they will make friends and grow socially.
  • The children will grow intellectually in basics such as colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet, along with monthly topics of interest and in such a way that makes learning fun.
  • Physically, our program provides outside play, music with movement, and manipulative toys to help the children develop a healthy body as well as fine and gross motor skills.
  • Spiritually, the children will hear Christian teachers share Bible thoughts, stories, songs, and prayers that will help them learn of God, Jesus, and the Bible.